Introduction: LED Project for RC Dirtbike

Here I will be mounting 3 LED's onto this awesome RC dirt bike I bought off craigslist a while back. I will be using white for a headlight but I'll be adding some color to the chassis and exhaust pipe! Check it out...

Step 1: Headlight

Here I decided to mount a white LED under the front dirt guard. This will allow the light to point down toward the ground while also illuminating the front tire.

It was tricky since I wasn't left with much room for the leads as you can see in the 3rd photo.

I used a 5mm drill bit to make the hole for the LED. The LED fits nice and snug with this size hole.

Step 2: Exhaust LED

I decided the exhaust was a neat place to put another LED. The surface was just enough to fit 1 LED. As you can see I wanted to put two LEDs here but I couldn't fit the 2nd hole in!

This ended up working out since I only wanted to use three 3v LEDs in a series for the 9v battery. I had a plan for the 3rd LED!

Step 3: Chassis LED

So I decided to put an LED facing down onto the rear tire. This gave a cool under glow.

I wasn't sure if I wanted pink or blue at this point but you will see what I decided on later!

Step 4: Mounting the 9v Battery

One of the best parts about this project is how perfect the 9v mounted above the rear tire. It fit in there like it was meant to be! Although it wasn't so easy mounting the clip that held onto the battery.

The most difficult part was getting a screwdriver around the rear tire to screw in the clip. Also, the screw would then be sticking upwards making it difficult for the yellow seat cover to lay properly. I ended up drilling a hole in the seat cover for the screw to go through. This allowed the seat cover to sit properly while making the battery clip extra sturdy.

Step 5: Turning the Frame Into a Breadboard

So here I came up with with the idea of have the leads come out of the frame so they can be neatly soldered together. This was great since an important part of my LED projects is to neatly hide the wiring.

Step 6: Finished!

I forgot to take pictures of the switch but if you can see in these pictures I placed a nice little toggle switch on the side of the frame.

With everything soldered together, I used hot glue to insulate and weatherproof all the wiring. I used three 3v LEDs wired in parallel to receive maximum power from the 9v battery.

I had a blast taking the bike to the streets. The 9v certainly adds some weight to the bike making it difficult to turn quickly but it doesn't matter because it looks so damn sexy!

I can always remove the battery if I ever want to have tighter turns.


Thanks for checking out this project. I hope it could be of some help for any projects you decide to take on!

Till Next Time