Introduction: LEGO Mortal Kombat Ninja BrickHeadz

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Here's a quick LEGO project you can easily follow, based on some designs of mine: custom BrickHeadz figurines of the iconic Mortal Kombat color-swap ninjas! These instructions are very simple and straightforward, and just like in the video games, you can easily substitute any of the colors to create additional characters. In my sample photos, I've built physical versions of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, but as mentioned in the video, you can also use this base pattern for making Reptile, Smoke, Ermac, and Noob Saibot.

Step 1: LEGO Digital Designer & Parts List

  • Download LEGO Digital Designer (freeware software from LEGO Group). Please note: it's to my recent knowledge that LEGO Group is soon discontinuing this software, and thus the latest version has glitches and certain pieces missing. Regardless, my LDD file loads perfectly fine. For now, the company still allows you to download LDD for free and run on it both mac and PC.
  • Download the .Zip folder of my LDD file.
  • Please refer to my website's parts list for additional help. On the website link, navigate with the arrows on the bottom to the final step to see the complete list of parts with quantities.
  • Purchase LEGO pieces by type/shape/color from (assuming you require new parts).

If you've viewed the parts list from my HTML site, take a note of what pieces you need to obtain, then purchase additional LEGO bricks from the aforementioned BrickLink link. BrickLink is a great online resource for purchasing LEGO pieces, which are each cataloged by shape, year, color, type, et cetera. I get most of my pieces from this site, and I only buy the specific parts I need. This project contains just under 100 parts total if built according to my guide.

If you open up the LDD file I created, navigate to the step-by-step build guide in the far top right corner. This generates a an easy 3-D guide that shows you each part being added one at a time.

Step 2: Troubleshooting

Compared to my other projects, this construction is simple in most parts, and doesn't require a whole lot of unorthodox construction techniques like my LEGOformers. Each BrickHead uses standard LEGO pieces that are found in a lot of sets, and require only a basic knowledge of LEGO construction.

In LEGO Digital Designer, the printed black circular BrickHead eye titles are unavailable, so in my instructions I have solid black 1x1 round tiles as a substitution. You can follow this design if you'd like, or you can make substitutions such as 1x1 round plates -- or even solid white circles for Scorpion's true eye color.

If you have any questions or comments with this design, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, have fun building, and don't try to stress yourself out!

-Baron von Brunk

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