Introduction: LEGO My BBQ McRib Sandwich

Use LEGO bricks to shape you delicious pork patties. Grill to perfection. Add pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and served on your favorite toasted bun to round out a tasty sandwich. And all cooked on your own swanky geek BBQ setup.

For those who don't know what a McRib sandwich is, it's the closest you can't get to enjoying a true experience of eating real slow cooked BBQ ribs, and all without the fuss of those bones getting in the way. Convenience and fast food at its best.

Note: LEGO bits and pieces and McRib are trademarked by their respective manufacturers which are probably SMH on this ible.

Step 1: Where's the Beef?

You can use any sort of animal protein or vegan unmeatlike mix grilled on your choice of fossil fuel or derivative.

I used ground pork. If you really wanted to go all out, you could scrape off the raw meat from a rack of ribs, grind it up and reform into the signature patty shape.

For those Brontosaurus lovers, you can use ground beef but it would probably turn out just like any other burger.

Ground lamb or mutton would be nice. I do like my gyros, donairs and shwarma.

Step 2: Things Are Shaping Up...

There are many ways to make the McRib shaper tool. Sorry, someone else can come up with the .STL files for 3D printing.

You can make this with a stack of wood popsicle sticks. You can CNC carve this from a block of high density plastic.

I just used a bunch of LEGO 1x2 bricks and 1x2 smooth caps to form my shaper stamper. You should make the grooves 2 wide by 5 pieces long by 2-3 deep/high. The 1 high with a smooth cap works but would make a nicer impression with a deeper groove.

I didn't have any Lego bricks around the house so I just got a lot batch from online. I didn't get any LEGO baseplates so I just hot glued my formation onto a block of scrap PVC trim board. The rows were mounted slightly slanted to give the impression some character.

Step 3: ​Beat Your Meat...Get in the Groove...

Season well with salt and pepper.

You can also throw in some garlic and onion powder or whatever spices you like.

Sometimes I will also put in a spoon or two of cornstarch to help bind the ground meat.

Mix thoroughly or just apply a topcoat and press in.

Gently form into flat rectangular patty strips about the length of your big buns. There's shrinkage in case you didn't know about that...when it cooks.

You can place plastic wrap to loosely cover the stamper, making sure to allow excess to cover and fit inside the grooves. This makes it nonstick and easier to form the patties.

Stamp the patty with your McRib stamper. Press down firmly to get a good impression. If the patty oozes out and deforms too much, just pack it back in place and tidy it up.

If your patty is longer than your stamper, just use the end row imprinted into the meat as the registration mark to align the stamper for its next impression.

You are now ready to cook or put the meat on ice again for later use.

Oooh, look, bonus Adaburgers with ground beef.

Minecraft McRibs anyone?

Step 4: Is It Done Yet?

Get the grill ready.

I use to cook with gas but now I prefer to use charcoal. More fire... The coals should be white hot and be enough for the amount of meat you are cooking. Incinerate anything left over from the last time you used the grill. Wire brush and wipe off the cooking rack.

Gently place the McRib patties on the hot grill. You can pregrease the grill if you like to prevent sticking - that never seems to work.

Cook on one side until you see juices start to come out on top. The shape of the ribs will start to set. You can then gently flip it over. Continue to cook through. You want some nice charcoal sear marks and good smoked flavor.

Pork and chicken should be especially thoroughly cooked through. Use an instant read thermometer inserted to the thickest part of the patty to check for minimum safe recommended doneness if you aren't sure.

Ground meats: at least 160 °F (71.1 °C)

Poultry: at least 165 °F (73.9 °C)

Apply any special secret BBQ sauce and let that brown for flavor.

When ready, place the patty on a nice grilled bun and add pickles and chopped onion. Drown in more BBQ sauce if desired.

Remember to apply the BBQ 5-second rule if anything drops through the grill or falls on the ground. If it hasn't been there for longer than 5 seconds, dust it off and it is good to go.


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