Introduction: LOL Thresh Lantern- Night Light

The design of the lamp is based on my favorite game, League of Legend. This lamp is a cool tool that helps Thresh to assist its teammate by bringing them to safety. The lamp can also give its teammates a damage-blocking shield. I decide to make this lamp because it is an awesome way to light a bedroom to make you feel safe. This lamp is made especially for people who love to play League of Legend

Step 1: Prepare the Following Materials:

(The one cross out in red I didn't use it in the end)

1 piece of 100 by100 cm cardboard

8 to 10 pieces of 10 cm Wire 6 pieces of 20 cm DuPont line

Acrylic paint: 1 bottle of green, 2 bottles of gray, 2 bottles of black

1 bottle of styrofoam glue

3 pieces of LED green light

1 pack of cotton

1 pack of popsicle sticks (you will need only around ten sticks)


1 Breadboard:

1 Pencil

1 Eraser

1 Ruler

1 scissors

1 Utility knife

1 clay: 2 pack

something the hold thew water

random paper

Step 2: Cut Out Cardboard. Use the Drawing Below As Guide.

Step 3: Look at the Picture Below and Follow the Direction on How to Stick the Cardboard.

Step 4: Follow the Picture Below and Continue Sticking

(some of them I only did one side the other three side should look the same too)

Step 5: Use the Clay

Use clay at points shown in the picture to make those points look nicer. Use clay to also make the handle and the lock of the lantern as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Color It

Use the Acrylic paint to paint your lantern gray or your preferred color. Then color the lock dark green or your preferred color. Lastly, color the side of the lantern with some black line or your preferred color.

Step 7: Start With the Arduino

Connect the negative to GND and positive to 5V

Step 8: Connect the LED

Connect the LED long leg to the output (D pin) and the short leg to the resistor. Then, connect the resistor from the short leg to the negative.

Step 9: Connect the DuPont Line

Connect the DuPont line to two legs of the LED to make an extension

Step 10: Repeat Step 8 and 9

Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other two LEDs. Remember to change the output for the other two LEDs.

Step 11: It Should Look Like This

Step 12: Enter the Code

To upload the code into Arduino, you'll need to attach your Arduino board with the personal computer using the USB cable

The code that I used is found in this link:

Step 13: Color the Cotton

Dip the cotton into the green watercolor mixture to make it look a little bit green. Then wait for it to dry out

Step 14: Combine the LED With the Lantern

Put the Arduino board at the bottom of the lantern. Next, cover it with green cotton. Then, adjust the LED freely until you get the effect you want. After, upload the code into Arduino. Lastly, connect the USB cable to the power bank for the look.

Step 15: Step 14: You Are Done!