LOTR Moria Orc Helmet




Introduction: LOTR Moria Orc Helmet

This is an instructable documenting the process of making the helmet i did but the pattern i drew by hand and it has been left incomplete to encourage creativeness in you all pleas do not limit your self in your art. :).

Step 1: Materials

Gather your Materials
1) Cardboard
2) Hot-glue gun
3) hot glue sticks
4) Bondo W/ or W/out hair
5) bondo hardener
6) Spray paint
7) 3/4" Wood board about 8" by 10"
8) 12" dowel
9) red Mahogany stain

Step 2: Design Your Pattern.

design your pattern. in the pics i show the pieces and how many are needed but keep in mind that there are two sides of your helmet. ok once you have all of your pieces glue them all along the front seam. then spread them apart and put a thick bead of glue along the inside so it stays spread apart.

Step 3: Connect Uper and Lower Jaw and Crests

now once all your seams are glued and shaped connect your upper and lower jaw with hot glue. then attach the upper and lower crests also using hot glue.

Step 4: Attaching the Spikes

now fold together the spikes and attach with hot glue.

Step 5: Bondo Time

now using a putty knife plaster bondo all over the whole helmet (follow directions on can)and let dry then using 100 grit sand paper sand entire surface.

Step 6: Paint!!

now put a base of black all over then silver all over then more black and antique gold till this look is achieved.

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    c j r p
    c j r p

    8 years ago

    what did you do for the longer spikes at the back of the upper jaw


    Well, what if some people have orc sized heads? Hmmm?

    Very nice build by the way!


    12 years ago on Step 6

    isnt ther a strap that goes around half of the helmet


    12 years ago on Introduction


    You should use a photo of your actual build in the intro--that's the "thumbnail" photo used for browsing, etc. That intro photo's your best advertising (people do make snap judgments on what they'll view...)