Introduction: Lab Freezer Door Cartridge Spring/hinge Replacement

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Our Revco UGL2320A20 Laboratory -20ºC freezer from ThermoFisher started having issues with the door not staying shut. It kept bouncing back open (though it would still pull a vacuum once shut).

The freezer's ~5 years old, and the door seal/gasket is still in good condition. I contacted the manufacturer who gave me a part number (49231H02) for a Power Cartridge Hinge that has an internal compression spring mechanism ~ $41.

Step 1: Tools You'll Need

Step 2: Turn Off Power to the Unit

Step 3: Remove the Header/control Panel

1. There are 2 phillips screws holding the top panel on.

2. Once unscrewed, push the panel up then pull out gently. Be careful with the electrical connections in the back.

3. I disconnected one of the wires so the panel could be thrown onto the top of the freezer.

Step 4: Remove Upper Hinge Bracket and Power Cartridge

1. Use 3/8" and 5/16" sockets to remove the upper hinge bracket.

2. Use a phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws to the power cartridge holding from the top of the door.

3. Gently pry around the power cartridge hinge and lift it out of the door. [The instructions I was sent say to open the door to 90º to remove the power cartridge]. I ended up closing the door after I removed the old cartridge.

Step 5: Install New Cartridge and Button Everything Back Down

1. Install the new cartridge, placing washers in the right places.

2. Screw down the two cartridge screws.

3. Turn the bracket to align the mounting holes onto the frame as shown.

4. Secure the mounting bolts.

5. Test the door to make sure it opens and closes as it should.

6. Reattach any disconnected electrical connections, mount the header panel. Don't forget the two screws on top.

Hopefully the freezer door will stay closed now and you won't suffer multiple thaws of expensive reagents...