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(if you want to save your time please skip to the fourth paragraph of this column)

Have you ever felt like destroying everything on opening up every drawer of your organizer and not finding the thing you need?

I am pretty sure that this happens with every hobbyist or innovator or inventor or whatever you want it to call.

my interest is in electronics and Arduino, and I often have to deal with various components and boards of various sizes so it was very difficult for me to keep them in a single box so I bought an organizer. but the problem with that was that I always forgot in which drawer I had put the things needIso i got to making this thing.

I know that it isnt a big problem with a 4 drawer organizer but it is a very big deal with organizers with zillion drawers.

so I thought of making transparent labels for my organizer because no one likes to have "dog eared" paper slips stuck on their awesome looking organizer.

you can also do this with switches.

Note: this is not an organizer but is very useful

Step 1: The Things You Need.

  • paper of any size accepted by a printer (don't use thick paper)
  • transparent tape (the tape should be wide enough) no duct tapes or coloured tapes
  • a vessel full of water
  • a 'laser printer'
  • a pair of scissors

Look, you need a laser printer because I think this thing can be made with a laser printer

but I am not certain because I haven't used an ink jet printer for this project till now.

If you can try it with a laser printer, do write in the comment section below and tell me the results.

That's all you need !!!

Step 2: Designing

open any photo or word processing software and type in the labels and pictures you want to make.

take this picture for reference.

only use the black and white pictures with no filling in them because these are the best for this project(i mean the pictures with only lines)

print some extra things to practice making labels.

Important note: the height of the text and pictures should be 'less' than the thickness of the tape you are using

Step 3: Print Them

Print them. that's it!

Step 4: Putting Tape on Them.

this is a little(actually a lot) tricky part so be careful and don't miss out any instruction

  • cover all the parts with tape
    • don't leave any part uncovered
    • place a single piece of tape on the things you want to keep together like if you want the words "needles and thread" together place a single piece of tape on both. make sure no picture or word is covered with two or more pieces of tape.
    • never ever overlap pieces of tape and if they are, cut the extra parts out.

(i know that I did that overlapping but you should avoid)

Step 5: Cut All the Pieces Out

Cut all the pieces of words and pictures out. You can cut them in any way like but make sure to keep the edges round.

for convenience put them in a container.

Step 6: Soak All the Pieces in Water

Put them in bowl full water.

you might be wondering why we need thein water but you will have to do this.

Take a lot of water and make sure that all of them are properly submerged.

Leave the whole thing for 10 -15 minutes.

The time depends on upon the thickness of the paper if you are using a thick paper leave the thing for some more time.

Step 7: Taking Them Out and Some More Preparations

Take them out on a towel or anything absorbent.

Take a bowl of clean water and go near a sink or wash basin as that's a lot of 'waterworks' !!

Step 8: Removing the Paper

Take the extra printed pieces to practice this step

Take this step seriously.

  • wet your fingers
  • rub the paper and it will start to come out like the dust of eraser.
  • keep dipping the piece in water and keep rubbing the paper until all the paper is removed
  • make sure to keep your fingers and piece of tape regularly

When you think that all the paper is removed, you are thinking wrong

dry it with a towel and look it under a light source you will see some white areas. Keep rubbing them until all the paper is removed

don't worry if the tape is not sticky because it will become sticky after a while

Note: keeping the tape and fingers wet is very important.

Now you have practised doing it with extra printed pieces do it with the original ones.

Don't worry if the tape appears to be hazy, let it dry for some time and the haziness will disappear.

Make sure that all the pieces are perfectly dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 9: Paste Them.

Clean the surface of the thing before pasting it.

Now paste them over the thing you like (most probable drawers)

I also used them on switches.

Avoid the formation of any air bubbles.use a towel to evenly apply it to any surface.

Hurray !! Now you will save your time, which you might would have wasted in finding the right drawers.

Step 10: Be Creative !!!

This is totally optional but important too.

be as creative as you can and do whatever you like


"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

and never fear failure and don't hesitate to start over if everything goes wrong. Even Edison got his first working bulb after 10000 attempts

because clearly,

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes."

I would like to know what you did with your creativity and don't forget to send a picture of what you made in the comment section below.

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