Laboratory Water Distiller

Introduction: Laboratory Water Distiller

To construct a distiller, individual parts are developed in SolidWorks drawings based on design calculations and dimensions.

Step 1: Design the Distiller

Make your initial design in SolidWorks

Step 2: Start With the Base

Put your base on the working table

Step 3: Attach the Liner

Attach the boiling tank liner with the base

Step 4: Add the Back Cover and the Top Cover

Slide the back cover, top cabinet , switch,electrical wired

Step 5: Top Cover

Cover the top of the unit with top cover. Slide in the door and the middle divider.

Step 6: Distiller Unit Complete

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    2 years ago on Step 6

    I'm sorry - I really don't mean to be impolite (or violate the "be nice" policy!), but: the name of this site is "Instructables". As in, instructing people as to how to do/make things. SO: to be nice - did you forget to include something? Like: drawings, or instructions, or additional information to help people actually make a laboratory water distiller?

    (Because otherwise all this is, is sort of like an Instagram/Facebook "I did this - wow, me!" kind of a thing - which would belong on ... is there an Instagram for techies or something? Kind of like taking pictures of food you cooked, without providing a recipe.) Again, I really don't mean to run afoul of the "be nice" policy - I'm sure something was just missed, here, and forgotten to be uploaded. Because clearly there are CAD drawings and such - they're shown in the photos... >;-)