Introduction: Ladder Ball From Reclaimed Wood

I wanted to build a ladder ball set with some materials I had lying around the house so I decided to make an Instructable on it. It was a very fun, and easy build and I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Find Materials

I built the entire set from scrap lumber and materials. The 2X4's are from an old tree house I took down and the dowels are from old broom handles. I found only two golf balls but in reality you are going to need 12. Here is the total list:
• 14 feet of used 2X4
• 8 feet of 2X2 (I used a 2X4 and cut it in half on the table saw)
• 6 lengths of 3/4 in. wooden dowel each being 20 inches long
• drywall screws
• some rope (the length of your forearm)
• 12 golf balls, but I only found enough to make one bola

Step 2: Cutting Down to Size

I used my chop saw to cut everything down to the correct size. Make sure to measure and cut carefully to keep everything square.

Step 3: Drilling

You will need to drill three pilot holes in each 2X4. The first is 3 inches from the top and centered in the middle of the board. The second is 20 inches down from that and also in the center. Finally, the third is another 20 inches from that, also centered. After the pilot holes, I used a countersinking bit but this is optional. Finally, I made a small pilot hole in the center of the dowel as well.

Step 4: Screws

This step is relatively simple and it helps if you have a friend. I had my dad hold the dowels while I screwed them in. I there is a slight misalignment, you can often just bend it back into shape.

Step 5: Base

For the base I just took 2 foot pieces of 2X2 and used 2 screws to secure them to the base. I was originally going to brace it a little but I realized that it was strong already and the forces involved with the game were very small.

Step 6: Bolas

For the bola, I simply drilled a 3/8 in. hole halfway through the ball, filled it with gorilla glue, and pushed in a small section of rope.

Step 7: Finished

After the glue dries, take it outside and play! It is actually a pretty fun game and we play it at gatherings and parties. The best part is, I didn't spend a single penny on the project.

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