Introduction: Ladder Ball

For our physics project we had to build a technological design. We decided that we wanted to take an awesome backyard game and improve it to make it even more awesome. Ladder Ball is a simple game. There are two ladders set up 25ft apart that each have three rungs on them. The purpose of the game is to have a player stand next to a ladder and throw a bolo at the opposite ladder. A bolo is a set of small balls such as golf balls attached by a nine inch string. We had a ladder ball set from a store and it was very flimsy and cheap. It was made out of plastic tubes. Every time a ball would hit the ladder it would turn and fall apart. So here is how we made the ultimate heavy duty ladder ball.

Step 1: Materials

6-20"-1.25" diameter PVC
3 cans of spray paint (color of your choice)
12 Golf Balls
72" of nylon rope
Chop Saw
Power Screw Driver
8-3-3/4" Screws

Step 2: Cutting 2x4's

Cut the 2x4's into two 42" pieces, two 36" pieces, and one 24" piece

Step 3: PVC

Measure out the 120" PVC into 20" pieces and marking using a marker. Then cut the 120" of PVC into 20" pieces using the chop saw along the lines you marked

Step 4: Rotoring Wood

Take the two 42" 2x4's and mark out two lines 16" apart, and make a third line about 1/2" below the end of the board. Use a drill with a rotor attachement and drill a circle along the lines approximately 1.25" in diameter and 3/4" deep.

Step 5: Put PVC in Place

Lay the 2x4s on the ground so the skinny side is touching the ground. Place the PVCs in the holes parrallel to each other and hold the 2x4s in place so that another person can drill a support board. On the bottom of the ladder (the end that does not have a PVC right near it) attach the 24" 2x4 so the fat side is touching and attach it using the screws.

Step 6: Attach Base

After attaching the support board you can attach the two legs of the base. Stand up the stucture and lay the last two 2x4's, one on each side of the stucture so the skinny side is touching the ground, and the fat side is flush against the uprights. Attach them with two screws on each side inot the upright of the structure.

Step 7: Make Another One

You have now completed one ladder. Repeat the first six steps to make another one.

Step 8: Making the Bolos

Take 12 golf ball and drill a hole straight through the center of each approxametly 1/4" in diameter. Attach two golf balls by a 12" piece of nylon string. Tie the string on the outside of each ball and use a lighter to sela the ends off.

Step 9: Painting

Paint three bolos one color and the other three another color.

Step 10: Spray Paint the Ladders

Use the three colors of spray paint to cover the ladders. Split the ladders up into three equal areas. Each PVC pipe has to be different color. Allow to dry.

Step 11: Play Ladder Ball

Get a group of friends and play in teams or one on one. The scoring is done by two points for the top rung, three for the middle rung, and one for the bottom rung. ENJOY : )