Introduction: Ladder Golf

Having trouble finding a good backyard game for all ages? Well, ladder golf might just be the game for you and your friends! It's straightforward rules and low-cost build make it a perfect game. If that wasn't enough to already convince you, ladder golf takes limited amount area which means it can be played practically anywhere (indoor, garage, small backyard.)

Here's a quick how to play: The objective of ladder golf to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder and to get the most points. The points are determined by which step your bola wraps around. Top step is worth 3 points, the middle step is worth 2 points and the the bottom step is worth 1 point. The rules are first to 21 points wins, the ladders have to be 5 paces away, fun for all ages and underhanded is the easiest.

Step 1: The Materials You'll Need


  • 14 feet of 2X4
  • 8 feet of 2X2
  • 6 lengths of 3/4 inch wooden dowels each being 20 inches long


  • 14 2 inches screws
  • 12 plastic golf balls
  • 6 ropes

Step 2: Measurements

First make sure you have all your lumber as the measurement said while you have all your tools.

Second we used 2 foot of 2X4 as the base, then we found the the mid-point of the wood and drilled 2 screws on the sides of the mid-point so its more sturdy.

we drilled one screw on each side while the measurement is 3 in starting from the top and then 13 in from the first one and another 13 in from the second one while its all on the mid-point so it looks better and a bit more sturdy.

The bolas are made with 2 plastic balls and a rope measuring at 20 in while you will need 6 of those

Step 3: Drilling

From the measurement in the last step we will be using 10 screws 2 on each side of the base (which connects it with the sides measuring 42 in) and 1 on each side for the 3 dowels spacing from the top 3 in then 13 in apart and another 13 in apart for the last dowel.

For the base we would drill it in 0.5 in from the midpoint (or different if you like, we just did cause it kind of look better.

Next the dowels would be again, from the top 3 in then 13 in apart and another 13 in apart for the last dowel. each drilling on the side which measures 42 in by the length apart said before each drilling at the midpoint of the dowels.

For the bolas you could drill it from the middle to the opposite middle then put the rope through it and tie/glue it up, or you could drill a hole somewhere in the plastic balls and fill hot glue in and put the rope in as well and let it dry. (I just found some balls that already had holes in it and tied them up).

Step 4: Finish

After letting your bolas dry . Your finished!!!

There you have your brand new DIY ladder golf that you and other can play with!