Introduction: Ladies' P Spout

Boys, go play with your toys, this is for ladies. Ladies, remember that time? You were out hiking / cycling / on a holiday and you really really really needed to go, but nowhere a (clean) toilet, nor bushes, nor privacy in sight... Every lady's bladder has at least one such painful memory.

You can blush about it, you can make jokes about it, but true to the no-nonsense spirit, the Dutch invented a solution. Witth the ladies' P spout, you can modestly pee in a standing position while keeping your trousers or skirt on, and without spattering on your shoes. Check it out on the p-mate website

A disposable P spout that folds small enough to fit in a jeans' pocket or party purse is easy to make out of a used carton. It is also easy to use and 100% leak -free. It is advisable to practice with your handmade P spout at home, not because it is difficult to master, but to feel confident when you use it in a real situation outside your home.

This Instructible's design for the P spout is safer than the commercial P-mate, because it does not have any slits that might leak.

Urine is sterile
For those of you who are afraid of dirt: except in cases of kidney or urinary tract infection, fresh urine is virtually sterile, meaning it does not contain any bacteria or other disease transmitting microorganisms.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 . A printout of the P spout template
2. A carton, meaning a waxed or plastic coated box made for liquids or moist food. The thick cover of glossy magazine or laminated tab dividers will work too.
3. Pair of scissors
4. Ballpoint (no felt tip)
5. Ruler
6. Tape
7. Small plastic bag to put a used P spout in, in case there is no garbage container and you have to put the P spout back in your purse or pocket.

Step 2: Print the Template

Download the Ladies P spout template, and print it on thick paper. It is designed for A4 size paper. Set all the margins to 0, and print the real size, do NOT scale the printout, do NOT fit the print to whatever size paper you use.

Check whether the printout is the correct size by checking one of the two squares. The left square is exactly 1 inch wide and 1 inch high, the right square is 3 centimeters wide and 3 cm high.

Step 3: Cut Out the Template

Cut out the template.
Cut the carton / box along the seems, clean it if necessary, and flatten it.

Step 4: Copy the Template on the Carton

Place the template on the waterproof inside of the carton.
Copy the outline of the template on the carton.
Mark the beginning and ending of the folding lines with dots on the outline.
Remove the template.
Using the ballpoint and the ruler, draw the folding lines on the carton. Press hard with the ballpoint, in order to slightly dent the carton. This makes folding easier.

Step 5: Cut and Fold the Carton

Cut the carton along the drawn outline.
Fold along the drawn fold lines as shown on the image.
On the template, the mountain folds on the waterproof side of the carton are indicated with dotted lines, whereas the valley folds are indicated with regular lines.
The two triangular flaps and the small rectangular flap should be folded from the inside out, thus showing the inside of the carton on the outside of the P spout.
The spout part has 4 sides. Fold the half upper part on top of the dubble upper part with the two flaps.

Step 6: Tape the Flaps

Tape the 3 flaps on the outside as indicated with black tape on the pictures.
For purpose of demonstration very small pieces of tape were used on the pictures, be sure to use larger pieces.

If you wish, you can also close the upper slit on the spout with tape.

Step 7: Fold for Transport

The P spout is ready! Flatten it and fold it in half for compact transport in a purse or a pocket.

The P spout is not only handy in situations without WC, but also in publics lavatories where you do not wish to sit, because it avoids spattering on your shoes or the toilet seat.

Think of Daisy Duck during use: tilt your behind up and to the back, thus pointing the spout downwards.

Step 8: Don't Leave Home Without It

Carry the P spout together with a tissue or some toilet paper and perhaps a cleaning tissue for your hands in a small plastic bag, in order to have everything ready at a grasp.

The plastic bag is necessary in case there is no garbage container and you have to put the used P spout back in your purse or pocket.