Introduction: Lambent Light

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Use a 3D printer and a laser cutter to create Asuna's Sword "Lambent Light" from the anime Sword Art Online.

You will need
-A 3D printer
-A laser cutter
-Super Glue

Step 1: Cut

Laser cut the acrylic pieces. You can use wood or other materials, but I find that the metallic paint has a better finish on acrylic than on wood. Use 1/8th inch acrylic so that it will perfectly slot with 3D printed handle.
The "U" shaped wrap will later be bent to go around the sword. If an acrylic bender or heat gun is not available, craft foam can be cut instead.

It includes:
-Blade Decoration (x2)

The file is designed in 2 colors. The red lines are set to cut, while the blue lines are to be engraved.
*note* You can engrave both sides of the sword, but you'll have to be careful on aligning it with the laser cutter. I use 2 methods.
1. You can have a friend hold the excess material in place as you flip the blade over and place it into the hole, or
2. Use a piece of scrap material eg. Cardboard. Run the job on the cardboard to leave the designs imprinted. Place the material on top of their correlating designs (This is very easy with clear acrylic). And cut. (Make sure you're focused to the height of the acrylic on top of the cardboard)

Step 2: 3D Print

3D print the sword handle. We're using the Pegasus Touch, a high resolution SLA (Resin) printer.
Included is the .STL file, and the hollowed and pre-supported job file for Pegasus Touch printers. If you don't have a Pegasus, you will need to add supports to the .STL.

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, look for local 3D hubs, or request a print from a service bureau.

Step 3: Peel and Bend

Remove the protective lining on the acrylic. Not all acrylic has this, and it's not necessary, but it will protect the acrylic from burn marks if your power settings are set too high.

Center the "U" shaped wrap on an acrylic bender until it's heated, and wrap it around the blade of the sword. You can also use a heat gun, though the heat won't be directed as precisely. If you don't have a method to bend acrylic, you can also cut the piece out of craft foam.

Step 4: Prepping

Remove the supports from the handle print and sand down any excess support material. Removing tree supports is easiest by either snapping them off or using a small set of clippers to avoid damaging the piece. Use gradually finer sandpaper until you reach your desired smoothness. Rinse everything in isopropyl alcohol to remove residue and prepare it for painting.

Step 5: Paint

Use the paint reference to paint each piece.
There are 4 main colors
-Dark Teal
-Aqua blue
-Metallic Silver or Chrome
-Dark Blue

We spray painted a base layer of chrome on all pieces except for the long blade decoration. The other colors were hand painted or airbrushed.

Step 6: Assembly

Use super glue to attach all the pieces. Begin by slotting the blade into the handle and using a pen to mark how deep it enters. Glue the flat end of the blade decoration to this line, and center it along the blade. Next attach the wrap over the blade decoration and glue in place. Lastly, add glue to the slot of the handle and add glue to the exposed tab on the blade. Slot both pieces together and wait for it to dry.

Step 7: Done

Escape Sword Art online with your new sword.

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