Introduction: Lamborghini Logo Cake

If you know anyone with an interest in sports cars, this cake might be easier than making an actual car-shaped cake (that was my thinking anyway...)

Step 1: You Will Need:

A 9" round cake

A 10" round cake board

Jar of seedless jam (jelly)

Pastry brush

500g Black fondant icing

100g Yellow fondant icing

Icing sugar

Yellow candy melts

Vegetable oil

Paint brush

Alphabet mould

Glue spreader or cocktail stick

Step 2: Lettering

This is best done the day before so that the letters can dry out and firm up.

Take some yellow fondant and knead until soft and malleable.

Squash small amounts into the appropriate letters on the alphabet mould.

Scrape the excess fondant off with a sharp knife.

Tap the letters out onto a plate which has been lightly dusted with icing sugar.

Leave to dry out, preferably over night.

NB: I found it better not to dust the mould with icing sugar as the fondant slipped out when I tried to scrape the excess away.

Step 3: Cake

Make an 9" sponge cake and sandwich together with jam and buttercream (or buy one).

Spread a little buttercream onto the cake board and place the cake centrally onto the board.

Stir up some seedless jam in a dish until it is smooth and lump-free.

Using a pastry brush, or similar, spread jam all over the cake.

Wipe any smears off the cake board.

Knead approx 500g of black fondant icing and roll out onto a work surface which has been dusted with icing sugar.

Keep the fondant as circular in shape as possible, roll out to approximately 12" in diameter.

Lift the fondant, by wrapping it around the rolling pin, and unroll onto the cake.

Smooth the fondant down with your hands, easing the sides down gradually to avoid overlaps.

Trim the excess fondant off with a sharp knife.

Step 4: The Bull

Melt a handful of yellow candymelts in a heatproof dish over a saucepan of water. Ensure the water is not touching the dish and heat on a low heat.

Add a generous amount of vegetable oil to make the mixture liquid enough to be able to paint with.

NB: In the picture above I used far too many candymelts. I made little candies in chocolate moulds with the left overs - it still set solid even with added vegetable oil.

Step 5: Paint

Have an image of the Lamborghini logo to hand and paint a simplified version of it onto the cake with the candymelt mixture.

Build up layers to ensure a solid picture.

Build up extra layers for the horns.

Leave a gap for the eye.

Step 6: Finishing Off

Mix a small amount of water icing in a dish.

Knead some yellow fondant icing and roll out a very long thin 'sausage'

Use a glue spreader or cocktail stick to apply water icing around the top edge of the cake.

Place a length of yellow fondant round the edge of cake on top of the water icing.

Repeat round the bottom edge of the cake.

Apply icing to the backs of the letters and place on the cake, neatly, above the bull.

You could place gold ribbon around the edge of the cake board. A gold cake board would probably look better than the silver one I used, but I couldn't get one.