Introduction: Lamp Knob Grip

I have a bunch of lamps in my house that have a small black knob to turn them on. My mom has arthritis in her hands, and when her pain is bad she cannot turn the knob on any of our lamps. So in this instructable I am going to show you how to make a grip on the lamp's knob out of some sugru. 

What You Need:
- Sugru (order online here)
-Your fingers
-And the lamp you want to hack (there is enough sugru in one pack to do 2-3 lamps)

Step 1: Sugru Time!

So step one is to open up your sugru pack. 

Quick Tips:
- your have 30 minutes to apply sugru
- it takes 24 hours to set
- it is like play-doe
- one pack is quite alot of sugru so have 2-3 lamps ready

Get your scissors and cut on the dotted line. Pull out all the sugru making sure there is nothing left in the wrapper. Start kneading it to mix and make it malleable. Roll it in your hands into a ball. (Note: Your hands do get stained with the color of sugru so I would not suggest working on something you want to keep clean).  

Step 2: Dividing Sugru Up

Now depending on how big your knobs are, divide the ball of sugru into smaller balls. I divided mine into 2 small balls as shown below. 

Step 3: Make a Snake

Now take the ball of sugru and roll it into a snake. The length of the snake should be about the circumference of the knob your adding grip to. Flatten it out a little. 

Step 4: Wrap Around Knob

Wrap your snake of sugru around the knob. Mold it around so that the end of the knob is covered completely. 

Step 5: Molding Time

Use your fingers to mold the sugru into a butterfly nut shape. It really easy. Make sure that there is a substantial amount of area the sugru covers so it sticks to the knob. Don't thin out the sugru coating too much because then when it dries it will break. 

(Note: Take your time, there is no rush)

Step 6: Grip

Use a paper clip to add some groves into the sugru for added coolness.

Step 7: Wait 24 Hours

Now just wait 24 hours for it to set and your done. Thanks for reading my first instructable. I hope you liked it. 
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