Lamp Made of Wood Paint Stirrers

Introduction: Lamp Made of Wood Paint Stirrers

1. Quart sized paint stirrers, about 6 packs
2. Wood glue
3. Lamp parts kit (I used the one from GE sold at Home Depot, code #50961)
4. Duct tape
5. 3 sheets 8.5x11 copier paper

To Start Lamp:
1. Build base with paint stirrers by laying down about 7 sitrrers>
2. Glue 2 crossbeams to hold the 7 stirrers together>
3. Connect the 2 crossbeams with 2 more stirrers.
4. Continue to build up the walls by connecting the crossbeams of the layer below.

Step 1: Build Gap for Wire

1. Continue to build up walls.
2. When the walls are at about 1 inch high, stack about 4 paint stirrers on 2 opposite sides to create a gap for the lamp wire.

Step 2: Continue to Build Up Walls

1. After the gap is done, continue to build up the walls of the lamp.
2. Build the walls as high as you like; I built them to about 1 foot high.

Step 3: Secure Lamp Nipple

1. Glue one paint stirrer straight across the open top of the box.
2. Glue a 2nd paint stirrer at a 15 degree angle to the first one to create a "V" shape between them.
3. Once they are both dry, slide the lamp nipple and locknut into the "V" so that it is snug.
4. Cut two small pieces of a paint stirrer.
5. Glue the 2 small pieces onto the 2 larger stirrers so that they cover the locknut on the lamp nipple. They should be snug enough so that it holds the locknut in place.
6. After it is dry, remove the lamp nipple and use a pair of needle nose pliers to screw the lamp nipple into the rubber adapter about halfway into it.
7. Once the adapter is screwed in, screw the lamp nipple into the locknut.

Step 4: Build Lampshade Frame

1. Glue 2 paint stirrers onto the outside wall of the lamp.
2. Glue 2 additional paint stirrers on the opposite outside wall of the lamp.
3. Add a second paint stirrer to each of the four frame foundation stirrers on the outside. This will be the bottom part of the lampshade.

Step 5: Insert Wire Into Lamp

1. Insert the wire into the wide gap in the bottom of the lamp.
2. Remove the lamp nipple from the locknut.
3. Insert the wire through the locknut.
4. Insert the wire through the lamp nipple.
5. Screw down the lamp nipple with the wire still running through it.

Step 6: Connect Bulb Socket to Wire

1. Place check ring and lower portion of bulb socket over lamp nipple.
2. Screw the copper wire into the bulb socket.
3. Place the upper part of the bulb socket onto the lower part of the socket.

Step 7: Extend Lampshade Frame

1. Extend lampshade frame by gluing another paint stirrer to each of the four stirrers that are attached to the 1st part.
2. This will give the lampshade you make in the next step a little more support.

Step 8: Make Lampshade

1. Using the duct tape, secure 3 pieces of the 8.5x11 paper to the wood frame to create a lampshade.
2. Be sure it is high enough to provide space for your hand to switch the lamp on and off.
3. If you don't like duct tape, you can use a clear packing tape so that you cannot see it.

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    4 years ago

    It is nice to see that you are using one of my favorite diy building materials. I use all 3 sizes of paint sticks for some of my building projects. The size you are using here, the one gallon and the 5 gallon sizes. They are great for small projects like this. The pictures are two of my latest builds of things I needed, I needed a handle for my 10" tablet and a crude caliper for measuring some things. The sticks could not have worked better for these. I think of paint sticks as a go-to building material that, oh by the way can also be used for stirring paint. Well done!

    P. S. Voted.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for the kind words and the vote. You are right, wood paint stirrers are very versatile building materials for a range of projects. Maybe you can put your projects up on Instructables so that they can be shared with the whole community?