Introduction: Lamp in Minecraft Style!

HI! My daughter like to play in Minecraft game. So i decided to make for here a night lamp in Minecraft pixel style:)

Its very simple and easy do do DIY project.

Step 1:

You will need a few tools. I used:

- Japanese saw

- Screwdriver

- Right angle ruler

- Glue

- Sandpaper

Materials that you will need:

-led light bulb

- light bulb base

- wire with switch

- glue

- wood Board 28*28 mm

Step 2:

First of all, you will need to cut lots of wood cubes. My cubes will be 28 ΠΌΠΌ. You can make any size you want. Additionally, I cut 18 mm cubes

I measured and cut, measured and cut. If you have circular saw, you can use it. It will be much more faster and evenly.

Step 3:

When we cut all cubes, we need to sand them. You can use a sand machine (it will be much more faster), or you can use just a piece of sandpaper as i did.

Step 4:

Now i will make a base for the led lamp. I made base 85*85 mm.

Then i make a first layer of my lamp. I fixed cubes with glue.

Step 5:

I waiting until the glue dries up. Then i drilled a hole for the wire. Connect wire with bulb base and fix with screws to the base.

Warning! Use only LED bulb. Led lamps do not heat up much.

Step 6:

Now i'm making all other layers. Place the cubes in any order. Whatever you like.

Step 7:

For the top of the cubes I made a stand out of paper clips. it will seem that the cubes are hanging in the air

Step 8:

That's it! The lamp is ready and you can enjoy your beautiful lamp!

I hope you like it! Thanks for watching!

Step 9:

P.s. maybe you are interested how can i removed the bulb when it will stop working:)? Please don't worry! It can be easily reinstalled in 5 seconds πŸ˜‰

Step 10:

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Thank you!πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ˜‰

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