Introduction: Lampshade Made of Grape Branches

The following instructable is about to build a lampshade using grape branches. It is a simple but also a beautiful construction which doesn't need a lot of tools. In the future it will be placed in a wine cellar but it is fascinating in houses as well. The frame's biggest diameter is 90 [cm] so this lampshade is a quite big one. I would like to lead you through of my project in a few steps illustrated with some pictures.

Required materials:

  • Metal frame (you can by it or DIY at home something like this in different sizes)
  • Thin but strong wire which can be formed easily
  • Grape branches in different sizes (I used 20, 25 and 35 [cm] long ones)

Step 1: Preparations

A lot of grape branches are needed so it's useful to cut a big amount of every size before starting to build the lamp. Fixing the branches happens using wires which are fixed to every rib of the frame which you can see on the pictures. At the beginning 1,5 [m] long wires are fixed to the frame which are usually long enough but you can always complement it during your work. The first step of using the branches is to hide the upper circular part of the frame as much as possible.

Step 2: Building the Lamp

Finally, the main and longest part of the project can be started which is fixing the branches to the frame one by one. The shorter branches are used at the top and the bottom where there are smaller gaps between the frame's ribs while the longer ones are used in the middle. The branches are fixed to the frame with the help of the wires.

Step 3: Pictures of the Finished Lamp

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