Introduction: Under $8 Land Paddle V.2

UPDATE: More than 15 miles on this paddle and still going strong sans PVCS glue. I just give it a god wack into the ground before starting just to make sure everything is seated before taking off (it's never really needed the sack, but I seem to feel more comfortable doing it). I'm still able to work the Tee off incase I'd like to shorten the shaft - so far so good!

My other PVC land paddle at: worked so well, I thought I'd make another set of paddles with even less parts and steps!

We will use only a hack saw and optionally a box knife to make these fine land paddles!!! So easy even a garden gnome could do it!!!

I purchased a big kahuna paddle a while back - it's real pretty and stuff, but I now prefer these homemade PVC paddles due to the pole flex and superior contact of the rubber with the road.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

1 inch PVC pipe - I got a ten foot piece at Lowes for 63 cents

2 one inch PVC Tees - slip over style. These tees slip over the top of the PVC pipe

2 one inch PVC to 1 inch Hose adaptors. These slip over the bottom of the pipe and get pressed into the toilet plungers.

2 black super suck heavy duty plungers. See picture for the style I used.

See picture for my costs at Lowe's.

We will not be using the plunger handles, but you may want to save them and use 'em as weapons when you're out riding - take out your opponents with a swift strike to the back of the knees.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut your PVC pipe to the length you want. Since we are not gluing this paddle together, you can always cut it shorter after a week or so of testing. :)

Also cut off the end of the plunger. I used a box knife for this task, but you can also use the hack saw.

Watch where you put your other hand when cutting!!!!

We will keep the thicker end for the bottom of the paddle.

Step 3: Assemble!

Push the Tee on one end of the pipe.

Push the adaptor on the other end of the pipe.

Push the barbed end of the adaptor into the plunger and smack the whole thing on the ground a few dozen times to ram the adaptor into the plunger.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Go have fun! Ride!

Try not to hit the paddle with your front wheels. Last picture shows what happens when you hit the paddle without a helmet (at least with a big kahuna paddle) :)

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