Introduction: Land Paddle - Longboard Paddle

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Hi guys - are you thinking of trying Land paddling?, well don't go wasting your money on shop bought paddles for £100 plus - build your own for around a tenner.

This build gives you a paddle with two braking surfaces and a nice wide thrust area compared to the usual tennis ball builds ya will see on line - - check out land paddling, you'll see I am not just talking nuts.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools - hhhmmm only a wood saw and hack saw really - oh! and some snips and scissors.


1 five foot length of black plastic 30mm 1!/4" pipe

1 five foot length of white PVC pipe also 30mm 1 1/4" (not shown)

2 pipe adapters - see piks

1 D shaped spade handle - see piks

Hand full of cable ties.

Length of scrap wood to fit into the shovel handle, about six inches long

An old bike tire

The above should come to around £9 from places like Wicks and your local hardware shop.

Step 2: Ok

So take your length of white PVC pipe and cut off a foot.

Now with a tool of your choice, cut all the way down the length.

Squeeze the pipe and push it into the black pipe (do not cut this one down) until you have it right in the middle of the black - use a bit of scrap wood or a broom handle to push it six inches into the hole.

What you now have is a very light and rigid pole that still has a bit of give if ya lean on it a bit hard without it braking like wood might.

Step 3: And Then

Take your two pipe adapters and push one into each end of the black pipe.

Step 4: Take

Take your shovel handle - find a bit of scrap wood or like me an old bike saddle post and cut it down to about six inches long - now make it a tight fit into the handle (I used some old inner tube for packing - worked great)

After that push the rest of the shaft into the pipe, through the adapter for a really tight fit, but! needing no screws etc - - see piks

Your paddle as such is ready - now to finish off.

Step 5: To Finish

Take your old bike tire and cut out a section two inches longer than the shovel handle - make three holes, one in the middle and one at each end with a handy pointy thing.

Push a cable tie through each hole and secure - you now have a great material for pushing off with and brake pads that are free to replace (ya get about eight to a basic mountain bike tire).

Step 6: You Now Have a Choice

So ya have your board - for gentle slow down type braking just allow the paddle to drag behind you, applying downward pressure, this is good if you want to go slower and control a run, also it is less prone to being effected by stones and things that can catch.

For strong braking (take care to practice) - turn the paddle upside down and use the black rubber bung.

Put your back foot on your board with your toes sticking out about two inches, put the pole vertically in front of your toes - to slow down push the pole into the ground, pulling inwards to keep it locked against toes and board.This method allows a very strong brake and you can go down a steep hill at barley walking pace but be aware, if you catch a stone etc the braking will really bite.

Lastly - my fave way to brake and stop is to put the pole out in front, crouch down and gently push into the road/path - looks pretty cool and if ya do catch a stone or stop quick your nice and low, step off and look like "yeah I meant to do that".

Have fun - be safe

Death To The Big Kahoona - - - lol.

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