Introduction: Laptop Stand From Folding Ruler

About: Scientist, Crafter, non-professional worrier.

Needed: laptop stand

Availible: to many folding rulers to be a normal person

Step 1: Aquire Material

Go and take a folding ruler.

Places to find them:

  • the kitchen drawer
  • the other kitchen drawer
  • the living room table
  • the home office desk
  • the space under the home office desk
  • the authors' toolbox
  • the authors' sewing/craft box
  • the disaster that is the workbench of the authors' dad
  • the disaster that is the work van of the authors' dad
  • hardware store ??? people buy these ??? who knew

Step 2: Unfold the Folding Ruler

I aimed for a stable end result which would keep my laptop level. Due to this there is one part weirdly extended fowards (see picture)

Different folding possible, this was the one with the most level result in try 3.

Step 3: Add Laptop on Top

what it says in the title. place the ruler under the laptop. the center of the fanned out ruler is at the back of your laptop and the two arms at the side of your keybord for stability.

Step 4: Congratulations!

You have a laptop stand for a better writing position and cooling of your laptop.

And if you are done, you still have your folding ruler.

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