Introduction: Laptop Workstation

Laptops are nice, light, cool looking and a real pain in the back when you work for hours on them.
Inspired by this constructable (, but unable to find the part he used, I decided to go for the scratch build and here is the result ...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Okay, here is what I bought:

- 8 metal L section already drilled and ready to be bolted
- 1 flat drilled bar
- Bolts and screws
- A can of beer
- Ginger juice (strong)

That's it...
Actually the most important parts would be three first ones, but you get so damn thirsty by screwing :)

Step 2: Okay and Screwing We Go.

here it starts, I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pics, it is all I have as a digital cam.
You start by screwing the metal Ls in T sections ( one giving the back to the other) and get 4 T like those.
At this point it is not important where the bolts go, just fix 'em and make it extra tight.

Step 3: Getting Things Together.

Almost done.
Now bolt together the sections making two double Ts section. at this point it is important that the long end of the bolts are OUT and not IN.
This for the simple reason that the laptop is going to sit on them and it is better if the short not sharp end is there.

Second part is to bolt the horizontal bar fixing the structure together.
Do not tighten it too much at this stage, there is still a manipulation to do.

Step 4: Closing the Structure

Now fix the upper part in a triangle shape.

That will require a bit of force and a tiny bending I fear.
Do go on with the bendings making the structure as stable as possible, but do not worry, I'm talking of millimeter manipulations here, two hands will do the job finely.

Put it on the desk, up with the laptop, plug an USB mouse and Keyboard and...

Step 5: Enjoy^_^

... You're done! A toast!

Here's my sweety complete with its lovely Kubuntu 6.0.6 KDE 3.5.4 edition.
Most important, there is a structure in wich the screen is at good height and That permits to sit straight at the desk.

Have fun_