Introduction: Laptop Lap Stand

Inspired by a project seen on pinterest, i decided to create a laptop lap stand that had to no only hold my laptop (of course) but also hold my iphone on a reading position and have room for a wireless mouse or maybe an external HD.

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Step 1: Find the Wood and Cut It to Length

I have a bunch of plywood laying around my backyard and that piece was almost the size i needed.

I roughly decided where i should cut and marked it with the pencil. Then used a square to trace a line from an end to the other.

Then used my circular saw to cut it.

Step 2: IPhone Place

I then traced the iphone format to the wood

Using a marking tape on the drill bit I was able to drill several holes to the plywood without going all the way through.

And then I used a screwdriver as a chisel to make everything look nice and round.

I also had to carve a little bit towards the edge (not carving the top) so the iPhone wouldnt stand straight.

Step 3: Drilling Cooling Holes

I traced the laptop's shape to the wood to know where to drill the holes.

I used a flat 3/4 drill bit

I drilled the first hole on the top left edge and traced lines from the center of it on both directions.

After that i marked from the edge of the hole several 1cm distance marks so each hole would have a 1cm distance from each other.

Step 4: Sanding and Finishing

After drilling all the holes, it was time to sand everything flush.

I used 80 grip sand paper and went through 120, 180 to finish with 220 grip.

After sanding, clean the dust with a dry rag and then apply oil or varnish to finish.

I prefered oil because it looks better in my opinion and it is cheaper.

Remove the excess with a dry rag and wait for it to dry for a few minutes.

And you're good to go.

Step 5:

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