Introduction: LaptopWheels Robotic Platform

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This is my "LaptopWheels" Differential Drive robotic platform.

The idea of this project is to make a very cheap, very modular set of wheels that you can quickly attach to a laptop. To keep costs as low as possible, it uses an old, used laptop, lots of scrap and salvaged and and re-purposed parts, and the cheapest materials that were available (mostly wood, in this case). It has a headlamp module that produces visible and infrared light. I hacked the webcam, to be able to capture infrared, and give it a form of night vision, but I didn't like the way it affected colors.

It can be controlled using a second laptop as a remote control over wifi / internet. It can also be connected to RoboRealm, and attempt to respond to what it sees in front of it, but I need to save up for a higher-quality webcam before that will be very viable.

Source Code Copyright 2007-2009 Gabriel Stewart (dba Psymansays Robotics).