Introduction: Large Minecraft Modern House

We are going to make a Large Minecraft House, all you need is a world in creative, or if you manage to get very much concrete white blocks

Step 1: The Outline

The outline is 48X42, first dig it in the ground then place in the ground white concrete blocks.

Step 2: The Wall

build a 3 high concrete wall, build it on the ground and one block away from the outline. do only the back and the sides, the front will be a little diffrent

Step 3: Make the Front Gate

make it like on the pictures, for the glass use pane stained grey glass.

Step 4: Entry

make the doorsteps like this, fill the space under the doorsteps. use quarts stairs, and for the blocks just use white concrete blocks.

Step 5: The Outline of the House

make the outline, fill it up and make one layer more on the northwest side.

Step 6: The Garage

get the line 2 back from the fence, then make it higher and put a roof on it, put the stone slabs as a way to enter, then make 2 doors to enter the house.

Step 7: The Infinity Pool

use again pane stained grey glass, put water in it and make a lounge. you can make a lounge yourself.

Step 8: Make the Hallway and the Front Garden

make it with grass blocks and make the layer higher so it is the same layer with the house.

Step 9: The Stairs to Heaven

make it like on the picture.

Step 10: Kitchen and Second Room

make it like a bar, then make a wall for the second room, and make it from blocks.

Step 11: Living Room

make the roof of glass and make a small stair to the higher platform. make big windows.

Step 12: The Hallway Above

use glowstone for light.

Step 13: Room Next to Infinity Pool

make it just like on the picture.

Step 14: The Bathroom

make a shower and the door like this.

Step 15: Small Room

make it like this, you can use other colors.

Step 16: End Result

first on day, and second when night.