Large Motors Class



  • In this class I will show you how to control motors that are suitable for building go-karts, electric scooters, large robots, and much more. This requires a very different set of knowledge and skills than would be necessary for controlling a small hobby motor.

    This class is intended for students with some experience working with motors, and mechanical systems. By the end of the class you will learn how to pick the correct power supply, build a control circuit, and adjust the speed of a motor. You will also learn how to make a circuit which reverses the direction the motor is spinning.

    Motor control is demonstrated by a range of techniques such as using motor controllers with analog throttles and also with Arduinos and motor controllers.

    I hope that you will come join me in the wild world or large motor control.

    Enter an Instructables Contest!

    If you've used the skills you learned in this class to design something awesome on wheels, write an instructable about it and enter it in our Wheels Contest for a chance to win some great prizes!