Introduction: Laser Cut Face Cover

About: Makers Against Corona is a community effort for producing equipment such as face shields and delivering them to those who need it most.

This design is optimised for making face covers as fast and cheap as possible with the use of easy to source materials. We used this design on the Belgian web platform to match makers, FabLabs and companies with laser cutting capacity to healthcare workers that need the face covers and people/organisations that want to help by funding the project.

This is an approach that allows for an ultra fast and scalable local production to delivery proces, as the all the makers are matched to local hospitals.

Step 1: Bill of Material

Laser cut pieces

The face cover and head strap are laser cut from 1mm thick clear PETG sheets.

Assembly hardware

First option: nuts and bolts
6x M4x10 pan head bolts
6x M4 wing of hex nuts
6x M4 washer

Second option: plastic snap connectors
If you can source them, using plastic Jota snap connectors is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to put these shields together.

Optional padding

You can add adhesive backed foam padding to the front side of the head strap for increased comfort.

Step 2: Laser Cut the Plastic Pieces

This design is optimised for laser cutting, here are the vector design files in .svg, .pdf and .dxf.

Red lines should be cut, blue lines should be engraved.

Step 3: Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the foil of the PETG sheets after laser cutting to avoid smoke burns on on the transparent sheets.
  2. Place the shield on top of the strap
  3. Put 2 bolts through the holes on the left side of the shield
  4. Add 2 washers and nuts to the outside of the screen to connect both PETG pieces
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the right side of the shield this will curve the shield and create distance between the shield and the head strap.

    Using the Jota snaps is the fastest and easiest option, just snap everything together in the same locations as you would normally use the bolts.

    You can add a strip of tape backed foam at the front side of the head strap to improve wearing comfort. T here is also the option of using tape backed velcro as the closing mechanism.

Step 4: How to Use Your Face Shield

Match the engraved line up with your head size and connect both ends of the straps together with 2 bolts, washers and (wing)nuts or use the jota snaps if you have them.

You can sterilise the PETG face cover best by using isopropyl alcohol.

Step 5: Final Result