Introduction: Laser-Cut Walnut Hors D'oeuvres Pick - Perfect Gift for Host(ess) Who Has Everything

About: In my little workshop the most satisfying outcome is a new design come to life.

A sweet little thank-you gift is in order after any great dinner party. This tutorial will show you how to design your own Hors d'œuvres picks to make a set or a one-of-a-kind.
Walnut is a great material to use because it's traditional, smells good, oils beautifully, and has high perceived value. It is strong along the grain making it ideal for carved flatwear.
This laser cut fork is finished off by some minor carving and sanding, nothing a little pocket knife can't handle!
Plus a 1"x3" snippet of walnut is FREE with your custom design at
Use promo code: nuttydeal for a 1"x3" piece of 1/4" or 1/8" walnut.
This tutorial uses 1/4" walnut. (the elephant cheese plate is also laser cut but that's another project!)

Step 1: Design the Fork

To fit this in the 1"x3" free space I drew a few guidelines in InkScape (which is free at or you can use illustrator or coreldraw...any vector editing software.
You have to abide by the guidelines and submit your file at 's home site, and by typing "nuttydeal" in the promo code box you'll get a 1"x3" walnut piece free including shipping worldwide. You don't have to make a fork ;)

Blue hairlines cut through, solid black etches, etc. This project I'm using only blue hairline and solid black to etch the words "Star Hostess"
I put a little star cutout in the center of the fork and the handle looks like comet-tails. Very tiny detail comes out well when laser cutting.

Step 2: Carve & Sand to Finish

You can hand carve this fork for a rustic look or use a drum sander which is super fast and uniform, or set a belt sander upside down and use that for speedy sanding (careful though!) I like to use one of these spongy sanding blocks.
My handy-dandy pink mini-leatherman is also laser etched with my name in dainty cursive script (back when had a free etch-your-own-stuff promo)

Step 3: Done! Pack It Up Pretty and Deliver

Or at the next party, just stick it in some hors d'œuvre's as a surprise.

And then make a super cool custom serving plate for the next party!

Don't forget it's free from with promo code: nuttydeal