Introduction: Laser Music Visualizer

You know how your favorite songs sound like. Now you can make a visualizer and see how they look like.

It works like this: When you play sound through your speaker, the diaphragm of the speaker vibrates. These vibrations move the mirror attached to the speaker up and down which in turn affects how the laser light is reflected from the mirror.



A small decorative mirror

Laser pointer

Some tape (or glue)

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Step 2: Attach Mirror to Speaker's Diaphragm

Step 3: Place Speaker at Some Height

Step 4: Position the Laser

Position the laser such that it bounces light off the speaker and onto the wall

Step 5: Turn Off the Lights and Play Music

Turn the lights off and play your favorite songs through the speaker. Enjoy the amazing light show!

As a bonus, try playing sounds of varying frequencies and notice the pattern.

Did you notice something interesting? ;-)

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