Introduction: Valentines/Birthday Card

Cute and personalised birthday or valentines card made simply from paper and sketch pens and some love .


A4 size sheets colored

Sketch pens

printed pictures



glitter or art tape

Step 1: Preparing the Pop Heart

Get a A4 sized sheet and fold in half , now draw three hearts one inside each other on different sheet and cut the bigger heart first and then cut the inside heart and finally the smallest heart.

Now put some glue on the outer heart and paste it in the middle of the card pull the second heart a bit and push the smallest heart little bit .

Your heart is ready to pop when your loved one opens the card!

Step 2: The Slider

Take another sheet and draw a rectangle of suitable size depending on your card size .

Now cut some squares and paste them one below another on the rectangle , make and arrow shape of the rectangle .

Paste the slider putting some glue on the last squares as shown in the second image , give it some time to dry and then pull the rectangular arrow downwards and voila! your slider is ready.

Step 3: The Cute Pop Folder

On a colored sheet cut a rectangle of 10x4 size and put it aside .

Then take another colored sheet and cut a square bigger in size from the rectangle and fold it in 5 equal halves.

Now paste the square which now as folded should look like diamond shaped as shown and put the opposite sides together and then paste the upper half .

It should look like the last picture from the sides(this is only tough part).

Step 4: Make It Shimmery!

Take glitter tape and paste it on the boundary of the card .

Print a cute picture saying happy birthday or valentines day and paste it on the front page leaving soome space from the tape .

You can paste pictures of you and your loved ones on the inside i.e. in the pop folder or in the slider or your can put any random cute pictures like my friend likes how to train your dragon movie and its character very much so i put them in the card (You can cut the pictures in different shapes too!).

Step 5: Last But Not the Least

Decorate the card with sketch pens making shapes and designs and personalize it by writing wishes

Make sure to outlines pictures to make them look good and it also fills the empty space!

Have Fun Making This Cute And Personalized Card For Your Loved Ones.

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