Introduction: Latex Mask

Have you ever wanted to make a latex mask but didn't want to make a mold? Well, this instructable will guide you through process.

**takes great patience**

Step 1: Gather Materials

Manakin head~ close to the size of your head(foam or plastic, I used plastic)

Liquid latex~ I got mine on Amazon

Baby powder~ so the latex doesn't stick to itself

Vaseline or some other lubricant~ to aid release

Clay~ oil based so it doesn't dry out during sculpting and latex

Basic sculpting tools~ not necessary

Food coloring~ to dye the latex if your not
painting it

Exacto knives~ for trimming mask


**if you want to paint your mask you will either need to make latex paint by mixing paint and latex or buying it, I dyed my latex blueish

Step 2: Sculp Sculpt Sculpt

Using oils based clay and tools create your sculpture on your manakin head if it needs to be covered then do so.

Try not to make your sculpture too complex because we aren't using a mold you will not get as much detail out of this process.

There are many Tutorials on YouTube for sculpting so if you need assistance then go there.

Step 3: Prep Sculpt

Liberally apply your lubricant to your sculpture this is a necessary step for the future removal of latex

Step 4: Prep Latex

Open your bottle of latex , and pour it into a cup.

Then Let it sit for ten minutes so the fumes(ammonia) aren't as strong

*do this in a well ventilated area

Then dye latex

Step 5: Start Layering

Take a paint brush and begin coating your sculpt. get In all the crevices and try not to let it pool anywhere,wait 45 minutes in between each coat if you are indoors but if your outside on a sunny day 10-15

Just be patient

Then Repeat the process at least 8 times

Step 6: Prep Mask for Removal

Once you are satisfied with the thickness of the latex cover your sculpt with a coat of baby powder so the latex won't stick to itself when you remove it

Step 7: Start Removing the Latex

Start slowly peeling the latex off the sculpt, that's basically it just be careful and use baby powder and or Vaseline as needed

Some areas are tougher then others so try to get all of the outside done before you go to the center

Step 8: Trim

Once your mask is off the sculpt trim the edges and cut out the eye holes to make it look nice

An exact I knife works best

Step 9: Enjoy

Now you can admire your work

And if you choose to you can add a strap or when you are going to wear it say Halloween you can use latex to attach it to your face then peel it off when you are done.

Also try not to leave your mask in direct sunlight for too long, store in a dark place, strong light and moisture will break Down the mask