Introduction: Flat Pack Laundry Basket

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So annoying! If anyone throws his clothes on the ground if he going to take a shower. And of course there are always those clothes on the ground.

This laundry basket can be built up to a bath mat, this can be done by a very simple system.

You can take the basket everywhere on an easy way. And when you have had enough of the clothes, you can fold up and put the basket away.

Go for it!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

open the image

Step 2: Felt Carpet

-Draw the following pattern on the felt.

- Cut out the pattern

- Make small incisions on the dotted lines

- Sew them again (zig zag stitch)

- Fold the mat

- Take the 4 small velcro and stick them somewhere at the angled sides.

The the 2 sides of the velcro do you do on each other (just like on the photo from what do you need?).

- Fold the laundry basket in the form ( with the angled sides to within) and press the velcro on the felt.

- Get the velcro off each other

- Sew the velcro on the felt

Step 3: Leather

- Draw the pattern on the leather. (on the ugly side)

- Cut out the pattern (also the red pieces)

- Fold the ends on the second line

- Spelled it tight and sew it

- Take the felt mat and spelt them fixed on the leather

- sew the leather and the felt on each other (the contour)

Step 4: Velcro

- Put the velcro on each other

- Place the velcro on the corner edge

- Repeat the last steps of the felt mat with velcro

(Tip, paste the sides together with paper tape, this is going to be easier)

Step 5: Grips

- Mark the pattern on two sides (over each other)

- Cut them out

- glue them together (between the 2 substances)

fold everything to and stick the velcro on each other