Introduction: Lavender Wreath

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The second half of June is the season of lavender here. Just like roses, lavender has various uses and benefits ... and a heavenly scent, to start with. It is a bee - magnet in the garden, the fragrance from its oils can be smelled meters away from the plant. The fragrance is said to promote calmness and to reduce stress.

I usually fill small pillows with dried flowers that can be put in our ordinary pillows - aromatherapy my way. I also make sachets to be put among clothes to get rid of moths and I also like to use it for decoration purposes.

This year I decided to make it into wreath.

Step 1: Materials

- lavender (quantity depends on the size of the wreath form)

- wreath form

- yarn

- scissorsor or harvesting snips

- wire or ribbon

Step 2:

Gather lavender into tiny bunches (I used 8 - 10 flowers in each) and snip the ends neatly to get approximately 8 cm long bouqets.

Step 3:

Wrap the wire or the ribbon around the wreath base a couple of times tightly and secure it with a knot, or twist it firm in case of the wire. This will be the starting point. Secure the bunches one by one to the form by winding the wire around them and pulling it tight. You you can use one long piece of wire and go round and round.

Step 4:

Keep adding bunches until the circle is completed. Secure the wire, cut the excess wire and hang the wreath.

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