Introduction: Layered Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

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Hello Instructables,

What's a birthday without a cake? Lets make a tasty one for your pet's celebration!

A basic cake is full of ingredients that are not that good for your dog so I needed to swap a lot. Think of flour, sugar, whip cream, fondant, chocolate etc. A lot of kitchen compromises going on here ;-).

This cake is made for Onyx who turned 2 last Sunday :-)
Happy Birthday!

Find Onyx on Instagram if you like :-) @frenchie_onyxx


- basic kitchen supplies
- baking paper
- half a bag of frozen green peas
- 1 can of tuna on water ( the one with oil will be less healthy I think)
- 1 can of chicken frankfurters/hotdogs ( wash a little to reduce level of salt)
- 5 big potatoes
- grated gouda cheese ( I think cheddar
- optional: a little bit of butter and milk for the potatoe mash

Step 1: Prepping the Ingredients

Lets start with boiling the potatoes. We boiled a lot because most of it was for our own dinner :-) Open the can with the tuna and let the water leak out. Unfreeze the green peas by pouring boiling water over them. Open the can with the chicken frankfurters and wash them a bit with fresh water. After that cut them in the length. Grate some cheese or buy a pack of grated cheese like I did here.

Step 2: Make Tuna Mash Potato

Back to the boiled potatoes. Lets turn them into mash potatoes! Add a little bit of butter and milk to make it more creamy and coherent if you like but its not necessary. Also depends if your dog is okay with butter / milk. Mix the mash potato with half of the tuna and mix well.

Step 3: Making the Cake Base

Divide the tuna mash in 2 parts. Cover your working area with a sheet of baking paper. Shape both parts into a cylinder shaped cake base by hand, on top of the baking paper. Mine was about 9 or 10 cm in diameter and about 2 or 3 cm high. ( depends on the amount of potatoe you used. ) Hand forming them is not the best way to get a nice round shape so I used a plastic container as a 'cookie cutter' and trimmed of the edges. The trimmed mash went back on top of the cake base.

Repeat this step with the other half of the tuna mash so you will have 2 cylinder shaped cake base.

Step 4: Stacking and Shaping the Cake

Take one of your cake bases and cut off the baking paper around it. I kept an offset of 2 cm along the cake. Place this base on a plate and start with adding a layer of green peas on top of it. Follow up with the leftover tuna. Up next is placing the second cake base on top of your cake. *READ TIP FIRST* I closed off the layers by pushing down the edges of the top base so I actually spread it over the open sides. You can see it doesn't look very nice anymore so I had to restore it. I used a plastic card ( something like a credit card) to smooth the top and spread some of the mash to the sides (unfortunately forgot to make a picture of that process). Rotate the plate with one hand and use the plastic card to smooth the sides of the cake.

*TIP* use the mash potato you kept aside to close the side of the cake. By doing this you don't have to remodel the cake as much as I did.

Step 5:

Step 6: Time to Decorate the Cake

Now time for the fun part! :-) Decorate the cake with the chicken frankfurters, the green peas and the grated cheese. The frankfurters can be pushes into the cake a little bit and that was enough to keep it on place. Also push a little onto the green peas so they won't roll easily.

Step 7: Final Details and Picture Time!

I finished the cake with more greens and made a nice picture in this mint condition, since the doggo can't wait to attack the cake! :-)

Happy Birthday!

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