Introduction: Paper Jewelry Bezels

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Bezels are to jewelry what a frame is to a Painting.

The bezel not only protects the objects within but can begin to tell the story.

Did you find a bezel but not the right size, shape or color?

This Instructable uses something that most of us have on hand, PAPER.

I will show you the process I used to create these unique bezels and just how customized your resin jewelry can be with them.

You can cut out by hand but it takes some time. If you have a die cutting machine like Sizzix Big Shot or an electronic cutter like Cricket Explore, Silhouette Cameo or Brother Scan-n-cut you can do multiple cuts at a time, faster with custom ability like no other.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Choose your Design

Various paper,card-stock,scraps etc.( Great opportunity to use scrap materials)

Cutting tools( Hand cutting tools,Die cutter,Electronic Die cutter) I used a Sizzix Big kick.

Nail files


Pen or marker

Glue stick, Super Glue

Cinnamon or other spice

Copper paint(spray can or acrylic)

Clear gloss sealer(spray can or brush on)

Resin( UV resin was used for this project)

UV lamp

Metal Dies

Packing tape

Watch parts for embedding

Step 2: Picking and Cutting Your Bezel

The Bigkick works by sandwiching material plus cutting Die between 2 hard panels and some shims.

The precision rollers inside create pressure as the sled rolls through allowing the Die to cut the material.

Like old ringer washing. Showing my age! HA! HA!

I use a magnetic pad to hold the dies in place, then with a pen I marked the location of the two dies to make alignment easier.

Cut pieces of paper card-stock just a little larger than the die and its full steam ahead.

It took 8 pieces of material for the Bezel need.

Note: If you know you are going to be making several pendants etc. do all your cutting now makes organization easy. You can put pieces in little bags so they are ready for you when needed.

Moving on!

Step 3: Build the Bezel

Now with all the layers cut, you simple begin by gluing one layer at a time. Stack, press and straighten.

Let the Bezels dry well.

I like to take super glue and go around the edges to seal well. (You can use resin but will take time to dry)

Time to Sand.

Step 4: Sanding and Faux Rust

Now Bezel is dry and sanding the edges just cleans everything up
before proceeding.

Rust is one of my all-time favorite looking finishes and very easy to achieve. Rust paints can be expensive so Cinnamon and Spices are my go to arsenal for creating a nicely scented rust.

My friends save all their old spices for my projects but on occasion the dollar shops are the best source for cheap cinnamon.

My project needed an open Bezel however you can cut a back using a single outer die.

Next, we just spray paint the bezel copper, then sprinkle on cinnamon, the spray some clear and then more cinnamon.

You can keep layering to get a chunky look if wanted.

Let dry thoroughly before the next step.

Step 5: Filing and Embedding Bezel

With the dry bezel add a small piece of packing tape to the back.

This will help hold in the resin and act as a placement anchor for the tiny watch parts.

Let your artistic nature take over and start laying in the gears etc.

Start filling up the inside of the Bezel with UV resin or other resin.

UV resin is a wonderful product that cures in seconds, always remember that for it to cure, UV light must be able to penetrate it. Other 2-part resins have a chemical reaction for curing.

After the bezel is filled, gently place the piece under the UV light(36W) for a couple of minute. Remove the packing tape. If a residue remains wipe with alcohol and add a little more resin to the back and place back under the light.

Look everything over and move on.

Step 6: Full Steam Ahead

Your piece will come to life even more after you have created your custom bezels. Some may wonder why you would even want to make your own. Being unique with your hand-crafted items is what sets us apart from others.

Glue on a bail and add a chain and you’re finished.

Your art is always worth the effort and doing Instructables like this are reminders that I value you and love sharing! Peace! J

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