Introduction: Lazy Cake

4 ingredients.

Easy, cheap and probably one of the yummiest things you'll ever eat

Step 1: How To

All you need is

500 grams of cookies.

Just the simple one's not too sugary, not with the chocolate chips or anything. Just a simple ones.

half can of condensed milk ( or more if you need it. Too much will not let the lazy cake to get the right shape and stillness)

300 grams of chocolate

60 grams of butter

( additional thing you can add is peanuts)

How to -

break the cookies into a small bits.

Melt the chocolate and butter

pour the chocolate into the condensed milk and mix it really good :)

now add the cookie bits to the condensed milk and chocolate mixture you had.
Mix it good. ( with love :) )

You can either put it into the baking pan, or form it to round shape, use plastic food wrap to cover it.
Leave it in a fridge for several hours. (best would be for the night, but if you can't wait it, try it.
If you let it stay longer it'll have better shape and stillness. Not too hard and not too soft. If there's not enough time to get still, it might be too soft. )


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