Introduction: Leaf Stomper

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Leaves are always a pain to pick up in a large yard. Kids who help out picking up leaves will have fun with this. NO KICKING! I use a trash can when I can, then paper bags. I try to get as much into each. I have in the past used my foot to push down the leaves. I have to lean up against a tree or fence to keep from loosing my balance.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Find an old boot(even if it has a hole in it) preferably a work boot which would be a tougher boot. My boot is size 8. Big foot would be heavier. It might be better to try out the weight of it by placing a plastic bag into the boot and filling it with sand. This will give you an approximate weight to see what it would be like, then take it out. Cut a piece of scrap wood the size of your bag or trash can. You need a plastic bucket to mix up cement in. Maybe some masking tape might come in handy.

Step 2: Boot Up!

Cut a piece of scrap wood so it would be comfortable place in bag and mash down. A little longer is better than to short. It can always be cut shorter to your liking. Attach a long bolt or drive screws into the wood that goes into the boot. form a T shape at the end. This would reinforce the stick in the cement.

If there is a hole in the boot where anything could leak out, just use tape to cover hole from inside. Fill the bucket with some a little cement and add water with another stick stir cement . Keep adding both until you think you have enough to fill the boot. Fill the boot with cement(should be like oatmeal) until its near the top. Shove the wooden stick into the wet cement, add more cement while its wet if needed.

Step 3: Dry Time

As the wet cement dries, prop stick up against an object so it doesn't droop to the side. Using a clamp or string to secure it to something would be better.If this is not done you might be disappointed when it dries.

Allow cement to dry over night. Tie the boot laces tight. Cut the stick shorter if needed after trying it out a few times.

Step 4: Ok Stomp to It!

It helps when you have a helper. "Little Joe" here was a big help, as he always is. Fill your bag or yard waste can until it gets more then half full. Then use the leaf stomper to mash down leaves to get more in there. You will be putting less bags of leaves on the curb, and will be able to get more leaves in the yard waste can. Boot stomper can make it fun for kids to help out. Always be careful!