Introduction: Leanring to Play Chess

Have you ever wondered how to play chess but never found the time? Heres a quick simple explanation of how things work in chess!

Step 1: How Pieces Move

this photo shows you all you need to know on your board pieces and how they all move!

Step 2: How Your Pieces Move

Now that we know the name of the pieces we can take a closer look at how they're move!

Step 3: Your Objective

Your soul objective in this game is to collect/knocking out the king of the other team. that is called checkmate. If you have made it where the other king has nowhere to go but is safe where he stands thats a draw, if its only you king and you opponents king left on the board its a draw. and for the sake of your learning I don't suggest inputting this rule but if each I side has moved 50 times without capturing the king or you make 50 pawn moves thats also a draw.

Step 4: Finding an Opponent

If possible you should find someone a little more experienced than you in chess. So that they can teach you different tactics. If not then someone just as interested as you to learn together.

Step 5: Winning!

If you are able to attack the king but he can still move to safety it is called check. Once you have captured the opponents king so he can no longer move to safety and you are attacking him you call out checkmate!