Introduction: Making Chess Pieces

the project your going to do is of how to make your own chess pieces. using google drawings as the format i will be showing you how to create your own chess pieces, i will also be showing you how to use shapes in google drawings to make just about anything your own!

if you like chess and enjoy the idea of working more computer based this is the instructables for you!

Step 1: Using Shapes to Create Your Own Pieces

In google drawings theres a tab at the top that has a circle behind a square. When you click on that it takes you to more tabs. You want to click on the one that says shapes and it'll show you all the shapes you can use to make your own pieces!

You can use anything you feel is most useful for the type of chess pieces you end up creating!

`In the next couple of slides I show first what the name of the pieces, and what they do just in case you need a reminder. Then i show a pawn, for the pawn all I did was use a circle on top of two different sized rectangles. For the rook I just used a bunch of different sized rectangles, these are my examples but the possibilties are endless!

Step 2: All Chess Pieces

Just incase you need a reference on what they pieces are and what they do.

Step 3: Creating Your Own Pieces

This is just an example of a piece that I created. This is a pawn that I made using just a circle and some rectangles with different dimensions.

Step 4: Making a Rook Using Just Shapes

With only rectangles I was able to create another example, but again you can get as creative as you'd like. Make them your own!

Step 5: Photo Source

the rest were my screenshots.