Introduction: Learn SelfCAD- an Online 3D Modeling Software: Using a Reference Image

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Making a replica is really quite easy when using a really cool feature where you can add an image to your workspace. You can use this as a reference, trace, or even just for decoration but I imagine that would get distracting.

Step 1:

Go to view, reference image and add an image from your computer or download one from online. By default it will be added to the center of your workspace, along with most things you drop into SelfCAD.

Step 2:

If you want the picture as a reference image to give you an idea of what you’re trying to achieve this can be in the way. In the center of the image you will find gizmos and you can use them to drag the image to where you want, including on different planes. You can also scale, rotate or hide the image at any point.

However if you want to trace the image, having it on the bottom plane, you can easily trace it using the drawing tool and make an exact replica!