Introduction: Learning Fractions With Tinkercad Code Blocks

Hello everybody!!! This instructable is meant to help teach fractions using fruit and vegetables. As you can see, I only did halves, thirds, and fourths in this instructable, but you get the idea. I made this for my little brother, who has just learned fractions this year. If you want to watch the video, just click on it and download it. You should be able to watch it then. If not, please comment below and I will do my best to fix it. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


-Tinkercad Codeblocks

-Patience :P

Step 1: Learning Halves

You can just copy the code and the two halve of the apple will come together to form 1 WHOLE APPLE!!! 🍎 :) I did not include a picture of the blank screen after the apple slides away, but it is just meant to clear the space for the next fraction food. You might have to click on the images to see the full code.

Step 2: Learning Thirds

You can copy the code again in this step. This is a carrot, as you can obviously see πŸ˜›The carrot tops will slide in at the beginning of the second image of coding.

Step 3: Learning Fourths, Pt. 1

I decided to split this step into 2 separate steps because there are a lot of parts. Again, you can copy the code and the parts will just slide in as you play the steps. See if you can guess what this fruit or vegetable this will be!


Step 4: Learning Fourths, Pt. 2

Last step! And the last time you'll have to hear this: You can just follow the code. and now you know, it's 1 WHOLE WATERMELON!!! For this step, please click on the see the extra images to see the rest of the code. Hope you had fun creating or reading this instructable. Thanks for reading!

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