Introduction: Learning the Structure of the Earth

I made this project for my students with learning difficulties (they have problem extracting the important facts from the text and then learning and remembering it). So I tried to extract important from lesson ("Learning the structure of the Earth") and make learning easier to them. Also I wanted to show them how they could do it in the future with Scratch and Makey Makey.


1. Cardboard, paper and crayons

2. Glue and scissors

3. Copper adhesive tape

4. Pins

5. Makey Makey and alligator clips

Step 1: Draw a Lesson

For beginning, I chose a lesson that is difficult for my students and I want to make easier for them. The lesson was "Way to the center of the Earth" or "Learning the structure of the Earth". I extracted the most important components of the lesson and drew them. Of course, it could be any other lesson or topic.

Step 2: Add Conductive Materials to the Drawing

After drawing I chose conductive materials which I am going to use. For "Earth" I chose adhesive copper tape, and for other components I used colorful pins.

Step 3: Connect Makey Makey Alligator Clips to the Drawing

I made a hole in the cardboard through which I passed an adhesive copper tape. Then I attached one alligator clip to each pin, and the other end of alligator clip to buttons on the Makey Makey board. If you want it to be firmer you can tape the pin and alligator clip with adhesive copper tape.

Step 4: Programming in Scratch Program

I recorded the definitions of the terms that I wrote and drew. Pins are programmed as buttons so pressing one of them you will hear a recorded definition. The definition is also showed on the screen.

Step 5: Test It!