Introduction: Learning to Do a Braid Out on Natural Hair

Here you will learn how to do a braid out on your natural hair to make it your curls show and look beautiful the next day.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Materials you'll need:

- A comb

- A brush

- Any product you want to add in your hair to help it curl

- Rubber bands

- A little water

- A satin scarf

- A "pick"

Step 2: Comb Out Hair

First you need to comb and brush out your hair. So it won't be no tangles or knots in your hair. I use a wig brush and a wide tooth comb and a skinny comb.

Step 3: Optional

You can put oil in your hair or any product, but just a little.

Step 4: Section Your Hair

Next section your hair into about 6 square boxes. You can put rubber bands on them once you section them, to keep them separate from each other. Then just take the rubber band out when you get to that section.

Step 5: Add Product

Now you add the product and water to your hair and massage it through the section your working on at the time.

Step 6: Section Again

Now pick one of the sections to start out of the six. Remove the rubber band and split that section hair into three smaller sections.

Step 7: Cross- Over

Now you label the three pieces ABC. Grab C and put it in your right hand,and A and B in your left hand keeping them separated with your index finger. Hold the hair pretty firm.

Step 8: Start Braiding

With all three pieces in your hands. With your middle finger you grab section A. Then you bring B over A , and C under A. Now its B,C,A in your hand. Then you bring B under C then A under C and now its C, A, B in your hand. And you continue doing that until you reached the end.

Step 9: Extra Tips

As you are doing this tighten the hair and braid as you make your way down the braid.

Every time you cross pull the hair to tighten.

Step 10: Leave in Over Night

Now once you finished braiding all the sections, you wrap your scarf over your hair, covering all of your hair. Leave the braids and scarf on over night .

- Some people leave the braids in for about a day or two.

Step 11: Next Day

Now in the morning, you remove the scarf. You put oil. hair grease, any product in your hair (while the braids are still in) , all over.

Step 12: Taking the Braids Out

Now you put a little of your preferred product on your fingers and start taking down the braid. Once you done that twist some section around your finger if the curl isn't good enough.

Step 13: Now Final Step

Now once all the braids are out, you grab the pick and pick your hair to make it bigger. Now your all done and that's how you do a braid out on natural hair.