Introduction: Leather Hoaning Block

About: A apprentice metal fabricator that enjoys hunting little DIY projects
How you going guys this is my very first instructble so pardon my explanations and try to follow along. leave some feed back or some info would be much appreciated
Have fun and keep tinkering :)

I decided to make a small hoaning block for when I'm out hunting in my bag and after doing a couple of skins the blade goes dull, I seen a friend hoan on his boot but I thought it looked a bit awkward so I came up with my idea

Step 1: Start

The things I have used (not all pictured) and all you really need is

1 pair of welding gloves new or used I was lucky enough to get a new pair others wise you can pick them up from a hard ware shop for like $8 no name brand

2 of those little super glues you get from the HW shop

1 pair of scissors

1 marker black or blue

1 ruler

A length of wood your choice mine was about 150 mm long buy 85 mm wide buy 20 mm thick

Step 2: Mark It Out

Pretty easy just grab a glove I used the top side either is fine grabbed my peace of cut up wood the traced it with my marker, added about 5mm around the out line (to fold down the wood) I then used a pair of scissors nothing special just a normal pair pierced a whole in a spot and cut away

Step 3: Adding the Wood Plus Leather

So I took my leather cut out layed it flat with the marker marks on the side getting glued so it looked neater
Then I added some glue and quickly put my wood on it flipped it over and used a flat wood worker pencil to smooth it out did both sides then let it dry

Step 4: Last Bit

I don't have a photo but with the excess leather hanging over I folded it down then used somthing to rub it hard to look neat then used a couple of small nails to hold it down

Step 5: End

So the end result is a flat little leather block that seems to work well after I sharpen a knive on my stone I then proceed to hoan it on my block wich works well ( the way IV been shown)

So thanks for the read guys much appreciated again if you've got tips share up or a picture of your end result don't be afraid to ask a question :))