Introduction: DIY - Leather Wallet in 5 Minutes

This wallet made from leather you can produce (by yourself) at home with quite simple tools and

in a very short time.

Step 1: Tools

This wallet made from leather you can produce (by yourself) at home with quite simple tools and

in a very short time. Tools I used can be found in every household:

- Cutting ruler (you can also use a simple ruler)
- circular blade
- needle for marking
- hammer
- punch pliers
-cutter blade

Step 2: Print

When you have got all the tools together you need a template which you can download here as a

PDF file. After printing your template to any printer on a DIN A4 sheet of paper you can get


Tamplate free download: DIY - Leather Wallet in 5 minutes

Step 3: Cut Template

For cutting out the template you can use the scissors. I recommend using a blade to get straight

edges of the paper. The small circles do not need to be cut out.

Step 4: Draw

Position the template on a piece of leather you have prepared. Draw a line around the template

using a special pen for leather or a needle and do not forget to mark the center of each small


I suggest you use 1,8 - 2mm thick leather which is not too soft so that your wallet has stability and

provides you fun long time.

Step 5: Cut Leather

Now the leather is ready to be cut out. To do an accurate cut use a circular blade. For the inner

corners use finally a blade. It helps you to cut exactly in the corner.

Step 6: Shape

Now you are ready to shape your wallet. Turn down one of the two trips of leather. To get a

crease give some gentle hits with the hammer on the bend without destroying the leather. Repeat

with the second strip of leather the same way.

Step 7: Punch

Use the punch pliers to cut out the circles. The marked central points help you to position the

punch. The diameter of the hole depends on the rivets you want to use.

Step 8: Rivet

I prefer the double tubular rivets made from old brass. These rivets go well with the leather and

have the vintage look. Their dimensions are 6x6 (diameter/length). Of course feel free using other

rivets which go better with your leather.

The riveting process is very simple: Put the longer part of the double rivet through the hole and

insert the second part on the other side. Working on a hard surface hit with the hammer one to

two times on the rivet. Ready!

Tip: First try on a remaining piece of leather you do not need.

Step 9: Finish

Finally bend the wallet in the middle and continue doing the crease with soft hits with hammer like

it was described in step#6. Now you have finished.

Have fun with your cool wallet. I would be pleasured if you would share some photos of your work

with me.