Introduction: Led Light Bar

light bar for led strips


You will need 3 meter sticks or wood the is around 1-2 inches and 3 feet long, led strips, plexiglass, hot glue, wood glue, spray paint, sand paper,

Step 1: Cut the Plexiglass

measure out 1 meter of plexiglass and make sure it is cut as wide as the meterstick

Step 2: Cut the Plexiglass

cut the plexiglass using a saw or a razorblade and snapping it off

Step 3: Sand the Meter Sticks for Painting and Then Cut the Led Strip to the Size of the Meter Sticks

Step 4: Sand the Plexiglass Until Its All White and Non See Through

Step 5: Next Glue 3 of the Meter Sticks Together

Step 6: Next Paint the Meter Sticks

Step 7: Next Add the Led Strips in Once the Paint Dries

Step 8: Next Glue in the Plexiglass

Step 9: Clamp the Plexiglass Until the Glue Dries

Step 10: Add Whatever Stand You Want and Then Your Done