Introduction: Minecraft Block Light

Minecraft Block light


Wood(1/8 Hardboard panel), Plexiglass, sandpaper, drill, jigsaw or wood chisel, wood glue or hot glue, saw to cut the wood

Step 1: Cut the 6 12'' Squares

Step 2: Make a Line Every 3/4" on Both Sides So You Get 16x16 Squares

Step 3: Cut Out the Squares So the Lights Can Go Through

I used a drill in the middle of the squares then I used a wood chisel and file to make it square

Step 4: Put the Sides Together and Use Tape to Keep the Shape and Then Glue the Inside So You Cant See Glue

Step 5: Next Paint It. I Used a Stone Grey Spray Paint

Step 6: Next Take the Plexiglass and Sand It on One Side So You Cant See Through It

Step 7: Glue the Plexiglass Into the Block Over the Squares You Cut Out

Step 8: Next Add Led Strips Inside of the Cube and Then But the Last Piece

Step 9: There Is the Finished Minecraft Block

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