Introduction: Led Resin Block

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this is a led resin block I decided to make from things I found in my room I used the following:
epoxy resin from hobby lobby
led light up mug tilt activated
usb charger
and a usb female port matching the charger resisters would be advised but u didn't use any I recommend doing so

Step 1: Finding Parts

like I said in the introduction the epoxy can be found at hobby lobby the mug may be harder to find I would do some Google searches to find a suitable mug but the solder and wire shouldn't be hard to find

Step 2: Adding Usb

I wanted to make this as non-wasteful as possible so I went with using a usb

Step 3: Encasing in Resin

I used a Hershey's cocoa tin that is plastic but you are welcome to do what you would like.

Step 4: Enjoy!

you may or may not add a resister but I would have if I would have had one. this instructable was made in a hurry and with an android phone. Feel free to share your resin blocks

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