Introduction: LedCube "design"

The idea was to make a Led cube. My problem was that I didn't want to solder many Led's together, because first it is not easy to make a nice structure, perfectly square, and then because I think it is not really beautiful to see all these Led's pins.

So my idea was to the align the led's on straights wires, and then tense these wires on a transparent structure.

Step 1: Make the Structure

The structure is made of plexiglass. I've used too plates of this material that come from a photo frame.

I've added transparent rods, screwed in the plates with nylon screws.

One of this plate is breakthrough with holes to let pass the wires. There the wires will be fixed with a glue gun.

Step 2: The Electronic

I've design a PCB on Eagle. I've developed the software with Arduino.

My purpose here was to get rid of the Arduino development board which is very nice, but needs an enclosure and wires to be connected to the cube.

The PCB I've created is pretty simple, it just connects wires to the micro-controller and power it up.

There's an USB female connector on the PCB, this way I can power my cube with a cell-phone charger.

So no enclosure under of the cube.The cube and only the cube !!