Introduction: Lee Carvallo's Putting Challange

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In the episode number 139 of the Simpson "Marge be not proud", Bart is caught attempting to shoplift a video game "Bonestorm". He tries to keep his failed "four-finger discount" trip a secret from Homer and Marge, and initially succeeds. But unfortunately, Marge finds out when the family returns to the same store to have the family Christmas photo taken. After making it up to marge with a thoughtful Christmas gift, Marge goes to buy him the game she thinks he wants, only to return with Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, the video game "every boy wants".

My inspiration for this product was from a reddit post by the user DannyAng.

I sell pre-made ones on my etsy which you can find here.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  1. Access to an A3 (or 11 x 17 in the US) printer capable of at least 150 gram paper (I used 200).
  2. Some A4 (or 8.5 by 11 in the US) adhesive paper and a printer that can use it or any paper and spray adhesive.
  3. A shadow box large enough to fit the box and game cartridge.
  4. An old NES cartridge A small pencil
  5. You will also need some cutting tools like a craft knife, cutting mat and maybe even a nail clippers.
  6. Double sided tape and glue stick.

Step 2: The Files

If you are in the us you will need the "US"

if you are in a country that uses ISO paper sizes (A3, A4) you will the "ISO"

Full credit for these files goes to Photobucket user phrazelle1

Step 3: Making the Box

First off you'll need to get the box printed. I suggest a glossy 200 gram card or at the minimum a 150 gram paper. I believe the original NES boxes were 200 gram. Once its printed you'll want to verify that the dimensions are correct they are as follows: Height: 177mm Width: 126mm Depth: 23mm They dont have to be perfect but close enough to look real.

The rest is fairly straight forward, Just cut the shape of the box out using a craft knife and ruler trying to be as close to the lines as possible. I used a nail clippers to help with the corners to get them nice and round on my final one.

Once that's done you'll need to fold the box along the edges I've marked in black. Take care not use too much pressure to avoid the finish becoming ripped (this is hard to do and takes some practice, so get a few prints made, also the heavier the paper/card the more likely it is to tear) and the assemble the box, gluing the two flaps that I've showed in the pictures or you could use double sided tape.

Assemble the bottom of the box by following the last three pictures above.

Step 4: Adding the Label

Start off by removing the label of your NES cartridge, this can be tough so I used the cap of a bic pen (since its softer plastic than the cartridge, it won't damage it) and some some 'sticky stuff remover' to get the gunk off but a dab of water and a cloth should work just as well with some elbow serious elbow grease (after 20+ years the labels are fairly stuck on), but be careful not to get the battery wet inside though or it might burst or leak.

Check that your label is correctly sized. A NES label's measurements are 55mm wide and 97mm tall. Now cut the label off the adhesive paper and try to round the corners to match the cartridges label area. Again I used a nail clippers to do this. **Note if you couldn't find adhesive paper just use normal paper and spray adhesive**. I left a small tab on the side for peeling off the backing.

Carefully peel of the adhesive backing and apply to the cartridge. Do this slowly to make sure its aligned correctly and that there's no bubbles under it.

Step 5: Assembly

now use double sided tape, hot glue, or anything pretty sticky to place the box game and pencil into the desired places on the back frame of the shadowbox. You can even use green felt or card to give a grassy look as a background!

Now just reassemble the frame and enjoy your living piece of Simpsons memorabilia.